2024.5.6 Release ‘Blues In The Wind feat.TAKUMA (10-FEET) ’

『Blues In The Wind feat.TAKUMA (10-FEET)』

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Atsushi Yanaka (Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra) quote
What kind of season comes after youth?
※In Japanese, youth is called 'seishun.'  The Chinese characters of 'seishun' (青春) mean 'blue spring'.

I was never very good at emotionally overwhelming summers since I was young, so I thought it would be cool to look mature and take a walk on an autumn beach where everyone had left.

Throughout my life, I’ve formed numerous friendships with many people.

I believe I have put my all into these relationships, and even if I went overboard at times, I feel I have poured in as much love as I could.

However, there were a few promises that I couldn't keep or fulfill, and I find myself remembering them even decades later. I can't forget them.

The things I couldn't live up to, the promises broken that wouldn't be considered a betrayal—ironically, those are the things that strengthen the bond with that person.

I don’t want to have regrets, but I think it’s important to have time to gaze at the sea alone, to have a moment in autumn after youth has passed, turning my back on everyone, with such regrets.

This time, I am very happy to have created a single piece of work by combining my thoughts with TAKUMA, with whom I have a variety of shared memories.

Resonating together = living. I am nothing but grateful for his wonderful singing.

Thank you, TAKUMA!
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