on the remix

[CDアルバム] on the remix


CTCR-14751  ¥2,200(税込)

Disc 1

01 All Good Ska is One(CHABE’S PARADISE MIX) Remixed by Cubismo Grafico  
02 STORM RIDER(Takkyu Ishino Remix) Remixed by Takkyu Ishino  
03 流星とバラード(Yasutaka Nakata remix) Remixed by Yasutaka Nakata  
04 Twinkle Star(sail away mix) Remixed by DE DE MOUSE  
05 Lonesome Eddy(※bonus track)  
06 Break into the Light(SWG Not Screwed Remix) Remixed by SHINCO  
07 ずっと(Sunaga t experience REMIX) Remixed by Sunaga t experience  
08 Lonesome Eddy(Dub’s No creation without destruction Remix) Remixed by Dub Master X